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The Kale-Jito

Thinking of that perfect cocktail to quench your thirst in this blistering heat? Well, we've got the perfect tipple for you to try at home to just that! Packed full of Vitamins, Minerals and all sorts of goodies, you wont have to feel 'too' guilty when you pour yourself another glass....Cause trust us, you will!


2 leaves VertiVegies Kale

8 - 10 leaves of VertiVegies Mint

40 ml white rum

30 ml fresh lime juice

20 ml sugar syrup

240 ml ginger beer

Lime wedge and mint leaves for garnish


Shred the kale leaves roughly. In a blender, add kale, mint leaves, rum, sugar and lime juice. Blend until smooth and transfer into a large glass with ice. Add half the ginger beer and stir with a long spoon to mix the ingredients. Top up with more ice and the balance ginger beer. Garnish with lime wedge and mint leaves.

Pro Tip

Choose good ginger beer for that extra kick (or just make it yourself!). Because of the myriad flavours present, a simple, trialed and tested white rum like Bacardi Silver would be sufficient for this boozy zesty drink.

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