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Our national goal of "30 by 30" needs your awareness.

Allow us to engage you with thought provoking experiences that are set in an urban, high-tech food farm. Reconnect with your inner farmer and learn more about the dynamic world of modern agriculture.

Planting the seeds of sustainable thinking.


Resource Conservation


Carbon Consciousness


Reducing Waste


Supporting Local

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Our FARM EX Offerings


The Classic Farm Experience

Trade in your daily routine for a glimpse into the future of food. Classic, yet magically modern.

Step into an immersive environment and relax as we share our world with you....along with some surprises along the way!


The Family Farm Escape

An escapade for your entire clan designed to enthrall, excite and reinforce the importance of food!

Our friendly Urban Farmers are on site to answer to the curious minds of the next-gen!

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The Farmer's Den

Check-in to our Social Media Platforms for the new events each month! 
We have ongoing food talks, collaborations, and culinary adventures that will keep you satiated in the comfort of our modern, high-tech farm!

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We're sharing our technologies, health tips,  recipes and much much more!