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Why you should Support & Eat Local!

Singapore does not produce a majority of its food, but that has not always been the case. We still had livestock farms and vegetable orchards as recent as 1987!

Today, the local agriculture scene is making a comeback with our Nation's "30 by 30" goal thrown into the spotlight.

This road is long, but it does not have to be. Read about some ways how supporting local helps not only us, but you too.

1. Fresher, tastier, more nutritious produce

Local food is fresher and tastes better than food that has been trucked or flown in from thousands of kilometers

away. Fresh fruits and vegetables begin to lose flavor and nutrients as soon as they are picked as respiration occurs the moment they are separated from their source. This results in moisture loss, degradation and potential microbial spoilage. Plant cells begin to shrink the moment they are plucked resulting in diminished nutrients as well. Just imagine, produce from as near as Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia, takes about 4 days to reach Singapore and another to be delivered to the local distributors. That is 5 days worth of nutrient loss before it even reaches you.

Eating local means your produce does not have to travel for days to reach your plate. Chances are, you are eating something which was harvest merely hours before, meaning you get to enjoy all the nutrients and flavor.

2. It is better for the environment

In Singapore, 90% of our food is imported from overseas. The pack of Arugula you buy from a supermarket? That probably came from Italy, 10,000 km away. The Arugula would have had to travel from the farm it was grown in, to a packaging center to get repacked. It would then have had to be transported to Singapore by air and transported to another packing and distribution center. It would then get transported again to the supermarket and finally, transported again to land on your plate. This traditional Supply Chain leads to a huge carbon footprint, and all for a little bit of Arugula.

You avoid that by buying locally. By buying food produced and packed in Singapore, you are reducing your carbon emission and converting your potential carbon footprint into a Carbon Toe-print.

3. Support the local economy

Every time you buy produce from someone other than your local producer your money leaves the local economy.

Money spent on local farmers, growers, artisans and restaurants supporting local produce, stays within the community and closer to home. Spending money on local produce helps ensure a steady demand, which in turn helps build the local industry, instead of being distributed and lost overseas.

Also, since the food itself moves through less hands, more of the money you spend will end up in the pockets of those raising and growing those foods.

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