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Lets get our hands dirty!

Growing and maintaining your own edible garden sounds great! Excess to fresh herbs and vegetables on demand is just something you cant pass up!

Chances are you have tried cultivating your green thumb over the past couple of months you've had to stay home for. For those of you that have not been successful, don't fret! This is a simple guide to urban farming in a HDB flat!

Before you start, ensure that you have your designated farm space at least 1.2m clear from the corridors. You do not want you and your neighbors to be traversing through a jungle every time you go in and out of your house!

Next, select the type of crop you would like to grow. Choosing crops which are hardier and require less maintenance means a higher rate of success. Easy to grow crops like Aloe Vera, Pandan, Cherry Tomato, Chili and Thai Basil are a few of the more hardier varieties available. Once you have a rough idea of what you want to grow (and have purchased the seeds), you will need to go out and get some tools!

You can easily find a wide range of pots and planters to suit your plants and your aesthetic needs. The range is endless, from the simple plastic pots to planters with self-watering mechanisms. As a start, about 10 liters worth of good quality soil and 10 liters of compost mix should be sufficient to get your garden farm project up and running. Other import tools include a spade, rake, gardening scissors and a watering can.

Once you have everything on hand, it is time to get down and dirty! Fill your pots with the soil and a top layer of compost mix. Place the seeds in the soil at their corresponding depths (instructions are generally found on the packets) and sprinkle with a little water and place the pots in their place.

Its now time for the waiting game!

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